Javon Maule

Javon Maule is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker with eight plus years of experience. His experience includes, but not limited to a public speaker, coach, facilitator and a writing consultant.

He demonstrates thorough knowledge of his talents and skills by helping his clients to create their own story, define and achieve their goals, whether it’s career orientated or in their personal life. He helps them to tap into their full potential with insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support. Also, he uses his area of expertisein motivational speaking by motivating, empowering and inspiring his audience through a perspective challenge. He provokes them by pulling potential through an hour glass. He causes them to take a closer look at what the vision and plans are and execute strategy to bring them into reality 

Javon is a strategist when it comes to effective communication and he is a prolific writer who creates not only moments, but the moment in turn creates impact. He writes motivational quotes, he creates speeches for speakers and he is a ghost writer. He provides excellent customer service by focusing on components such as the client. He does this by research, organization, communication, and time management. The basis of daily activities includes, but is not limited to personal development, business, and mentoring.

Key achievements include: He’s had the distinct honor of working in the entertainment and sports industry with some of the most phenomenal actors, NFL and NBA players. His most recent client is Les Brown, one of the most profound motivational speakers of our time. Javon is now available for seminars, retreats, coaching sessions, mentoring and writing consulting