We are committed to uplifting the community by empowering women.

My Sister’s Keeper has been committed to uplifting the community by empowering women. Serving as an annual authoritative and essential guide to marrying spirituality and success by finding purpose. In line with this mission My Sister’s Keeper presents The Wonder Woman Conference, the preeminent leadership conference designed especially for women. Bringing together 300+ of the nation’s most accomplished women interested in taking their entrepreneurial endeavors to the next level while tending to their spiritual growth. For 5 years, the Conference has provided a space for empowerment, learning strategies, fine tuning decision making and finding our purpose.

We believe sponsoring My Sister’s Keeper May 10-13th, in Houston Texas will connect directly with a key demographic  of women resulting in exponential growth in your initial investment.  A sponsorship deck has been prepared at various levels for your consideration.

My Sister’s Keeper is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. We thank you for considering sponsorship to ensure the success of The Wonder Woman Conference.

Direct all Sponsorship Inquiries to:

Dr. La Shawn Witt


Terrie Vincent
TGPR Media

Individual Sponsors
M. Hudson
T. White
J. Kingcade
S. Harper