Dr. George Fraser

Dr. George Fraser is a Cleveland based author, entrepreneur and speaker focusing on improving networking skills, building wealth and improving diversity and inclusion. In 2011 Fraser was inducted into the Minority Business Hall of Fame and Museum. He has been awarded over 350 awards and citations from around the world including 3 Honorary Doctorates, a Chaplaincy and an Ambassadorship. He has put on the popular Power Networking Conference for the past 15 years…selected by Forbes Magazine in 2015 as one of “The Top 5 Conferences Not to be Missed by Entrepreneurs”.

FraserNet, Inc. is an “award winning” 32-year-old global leadership network of 91,000 Black professionals, business owners and community leaders. The goals of FraserNet are to:

1. Help Black people build wealth that can be transferred inter-generationally.
2. Help Black people become the #1 employer of Black people in the 21st century
3. To facilitate building a global network of Africans throughout the diaspora who’s focus is personal and business excellence and using it to build partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

FraserNet Vision is to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources, to increase opportunities for people of African descent.

Mission: To produce products and services that teach and promote excellence and effective networking to facilitate business to business, business to consumer, mentoring and role modeling for people of African descent.

In 2016 created/developed and then launched in 2019 WINDS; Wealth Building Centers and Curriculum, a faith based and organizational initiative to provide Black people financial education.

After 2019 he launched FraserNation, visit: www.onefrasernation.com